DIY freePEMF duo

freePEMF duo is a device used for magnetotherapy. Similarly to freePEMF it is possible to connect coils and mats to it. Duo simultaneously supports two coils or mats. It also has a display on which the executed command, progress of therapy and other parameters are presented. Despite the greater possibilities, the device is easier to build than freePEMF, because of the modules. It also supports bluetooth.

The shopping list of items is below. If you have already got everything, you can start building the device.

1. We cut the front panel, chasiss, and hole drilling patterns from the template.

Tuning forks

 Recently has become popular to use tuning fork for body healing. Pitchfork tuners operate selectively. They generating a mechanical wave on an audible frequency. Its sinusoidal characteristic does not contain harmonics. You can achieve a similar effect by applying an electromagnetic coil to a specific organ, what is analogous to using a tuning fork. The electromagnetic wave induces vibrations in the body. Ions and other molecules with a non-zero magnetic moment move in the rhythm of the EM field changes.

What is a freePEMF

PEMF is an abbreviation for pulsed electromagnetic field.  The pulsating magnetic field doesn't changes polarity, i.e. it is unidirectional but the intensity varies over time depending of signal shape. If we change the intensity of the magnetic field at the time, we "produce" an electromagnetic wave. The PEMF therapy (PEMFT) is based on interacting of pulsating electromagnetic field with human or animal body. The therapy uses different frequencies and signal shapes. This method is widely used in medicine and supports treatment of many diseases.

 Most popular PEMF devices in market are using extremely low frequency pulses typically from 0.5 to 4 Hz (1Hz means one pulse per second) with high magnet intensity. Wide group of web sites on the Internet are units of low-power supply signal rectangular with the frequency range of 0.5 to 50Hz. FreePEMF device can be made by anyone without knowledge and expertise. The average cost of parts is about $40. [11-2016]. This freePEMF device is also simulating the geomagnetic field of Earth and generates Schumann frequency 7.83Hz. 

Pulsating electromagnetic field is used to treat:

  • Insomnia;
  • Stress;
  • Bone fractures;
  • Cardiovascular disease;
  • All kinds of wounds and injuries;
  • The lymphatic system dysfunction;
  • Pain;
  • Nervous system disorders.

 freePEMF can be used in preventive health, as noted the positive effect of electromagnetic field of ultra-low frequency on the brain and the body's cells. It also applies in meditation and supporting the achievement of other states of consciousness. It has been confirmed that the pulsating electromagnetic field is necessary for proper functioning of the body. Unfortunately, commonly found electro-smog, the natural weakening of Earth's magnetic field affects the deterioration of this important element of our health.

For more information, please find the below films and link.

Bryant Meyers book: PEMF The 5th Element of Health [09/2017]

YouTube films about PEMF  Video 1   Video 2   Video

The film presentates how PEMF effects on blood circulation

For more information, see the instructions for the device free-PEMF  :)

zenON - first attempts

Consecutive project progressed in 2019 zenON.

Concept of this device is based on unidirectional EEG device. Its aim is to analyse emitted brainwaves and maneuver MP3 player. The device is able to influence state of consciousness of the end user and as a result play relevant sounds assign to it. End user can select preferred script with the therapy. Prime example would be making human brain to reach state of deep relaxation by playing thunderstorm sounds. Level of intensity of the sound depends on state of relaxation. After reaching desired state, we will be able to hear thunder storm going away and changing into bird signings.

Please watch the below film to find out more.

Water structurizer

Based on numerous sources of scientific research water has different physical and chemical properties, This depend on the processes which has occurred on the molecular level. Prime example is water affected by plasma, electromagnetic field or magnetic field, which behaves different than water prior any of the procedures has been undertaken. Structural change can be short term and show formation of clusters, which takes nanoseconds or long term e.g. water affected by magnetic field of our planet or plasma. The affects of last two can be observed after 6 months of the formation process.
Please find the attached article on website Water Structure and Science [05-2017]

Low frequency electromagnetic field (ELF-EMF) has an significant and long lasting effect on the liquid water, this includes frequency of Earth magnetic field (45 μT). Water subjected to EMF spectroscopy FTIR-ATR (please find the below) has shown that lower part of its energy bandwidth ranging (~ 3250 /cm) associated with molecular consistency of water has dropped.
When water has been subjected to stronger field ELF-EMF (~ 150 mT), and relative dielectric constant has been measured and compared with unstructured water. It has been concluded, that dielectric constant treated water ELF-EMF as been 3.7% higher then control within 1-10 GHz frequency. This may show that treated water has an increased polarity.

Brainwaves stimulation

Free PEMF device could be used for stimulating your brain to activate it a variety of states in it. User can design a relevant therapy, by writing his own programme. Please find the below list of the brainwaves types and their impact on the consciousness, cognitive and other functions of human body.

 Delta wave (0,5-4Hz)


1. Connect the solderless prototype with each other. Position them so that the joints are on the right and down hand side (in the below pictures I used yellow prototypes, but the color does not matter).

2. Then assemble the jumpers. (blue in the picture, but the colour does not matter). Pay attention to the jumper on the left G2-G3 connecting plate and F9-E9 on the right side prototype. The insulation between the relays should be removed between the relays (only cable), because its larger diameter does not allow proper mounting of the relays described in the further part of the manual.

Upload and upgrade of firmware

 The software was created in the Arduino environment, which is an open platform for Atmel micro-controllers. Upload software can be completed before or after module installation, as the USB port can be accessed on the top of the box. Please note that: after assembling the device and connecting it to the PC, disconnect the power supply first.