Tuning forks

 Recently has become popular to use tuning fork for body healing. Pitchfork tuners operate selectively. They generating a mechanical wave on an audible frequency. Its sinusoidal characteristic does not contain harmonics. You can achieve a similar effect by applying an electromagnetic coil to a specific organ, what is analogous to using a tuning fork. The electromagnetic wave induces vibrations in the body. Ions and other molecules with a non-zero magnetic moment move in the rhythm of the EM field changes.

What is a free-PEMF

  PEMF abbreviation means pulsed electromagnetic field.  The pulsating magnetic field not changes polarity, i.e. it is unidirectional but the intensity varies over time depending of signal shape. If we change the intensivity of magnetic field at the time, we "produce" of an electromagnetic wave. PEMF therapy (PEMFT) is based on intereacting of pulsating electromagnetic field with human or animal body . The therapy uses different frequencies and signal shapes. The method is widely used in medicine in helping the treatment of many diseases.
 Most popular PEMF devices in market are using extremely low frequency pulses typically from 0.5 to 4 Hz (1Hz means one pulse per second) with high magnet intensivity. Wide group of sites on the Internet are units of low-power supply signal rectangular with the frequency range of 0.5 to 50Hz. For pepole, the device free-PEMF, that anyone can do on its own, is the most useful. It is an open construction and designed in such a way, that a person without expertise could build it on their own. The cost of parts is about 40$. (11/2016). An interesting possibility of free-PEMF device is simulating the geomagnetic field of Earth, which be composed of a frequency 11.75-11.79Hz. The device also generates Schumann frequency 7.83Hz. 


Pulsating electromagnetic field is used to treat, among other things:

  • Insomnia;

  • Stress;

  • Bone fractures;

  • Cardiovascular disease;

  • All kinds of wounds and injuries;

  • The lymphatic system dysfunction;

  • Pain;

  • Nervous system disorders.

 free-PEMF can be used in preventive health, as noted the positive effect of electromagnetic field of ultra low frequency on the brain and the body's cells. Also it applies in meditation and supporting the achievement of other states of consciousness. It confirmed that the pulsating electromagnetic field is necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Unfortunately, commonly found elektrosmog, the natural weakening of Earth's magnetic field affects the deterioration of this important element of our health.

bioZAP script language

 bioZAP script language is used to edit and support user-generated therapy. bioZAP has been implemented in open, free devices based on the ARDUINO platform built to electric current or magnetic and electromagnetic pulsed field therapy. Also alows make other applications eg biofeedback meditation, exteriorization and bioresonance.

Users can exchange their therapy scripts created on the website, modify them themselves and upload them to devices. The database of therapies and devices that support the bioZAP script is available on the portal.

Choosing and constructing coils

The coil should be selected according to the following criteria:

• the induction stream produced,

• the size of the construction taking into account the dimensions of the selected part of the body.

Main types of coils

Color* Resistance [om] Number of turns Coil radius[cm] Wire diameter [mm] Induction during impulse [uT] Induction RMS [uT] Power RMS [W]
Green 50 44 12 0,12 55,3 27,7 1,45
Red 12 79 10 0,3 493 246 6
Yellow (special) 6 13 8 0,15 193 96 12
Orange  9,4 102/204 10 / 5 0,4 877 / 3500 438/1750 7,6
Blue 8,6 240 5 0,45 4400 2200 8,4

(*) Coil parameters and destiny marked by color.

Magnetic induction / induction flux

Magnetic induction is generated by the device and regulated by the use of a suitable coil or a set of coils inbuilt within mat. Coils can be connected in series or in parallel, keeping in mind that the minimum total resistance mustn’t be less than 6 ohms.

Considering the Ohm's law (I = U / R), the theoretical constant component of the magnetic induction in the middle of the coil during the pulse results from formula (1):


(1)   Wzór 1

Mat making

Free-PEMF and multiZAP devices support sets of coils that allow the use of electromagnetic field therapy of low intensity, similar to the one found on Earth.
Additionally, multiZAP allows the use of the mat in case of complex bio-resonance therapies. In this case, no reduction resistor is used, and field strength might be slightly stronger.

To make a mat we will need the following materials:

Frequency list

Useful literature to create your own therapy scripts for active and passive bioresonance. Links lead you into the books descriptions in Amazon store. Fragments were published for some of them. (click Loook inside). Also look at files placed below article.